Corporate Sign Services, What is it?

Take control of your branding

Your brand sign is a critical marketing tool that should be reliable throughout your service network. Your marketing resource should never be spent on communicating with various vendors due to sign production problems.

With Corporate Sign Services, you can line up a series of branding signs in one location. These signs are pre-designed based on your guidelines:
— layout design, available size and material
— background color
— logo design
— editable data type in specified areas with maximum number of letters
— specified font type, font size, and alignment
— picture size and location

Comprehensive brand sign ordering website caters to your needs

Once you become a Corporate Service partner with, your business will own a comprehensive brand sign online system under your supervision.

Your ordering system will tailor to your business needs:
— Open a direct corridor from your intranet or another shortcut
— Determine who has access to the website
— Determine who orders signs with special payment terms and at special rates.
— When the sign is ready, we ship the signs to pre-defined addresses or any destination.
— Determine who will be responsible for the shipping charge
— Determine who has access to the real-time sales report
— Define mark-up charges per corporate request

Round-the-clock service from ordering, to production, to delivery

Your brand signs can be ordered by any individual at any level of your business organization, at any time. With a Corporate Service partner site established, there will be no more proof-reading, phone calls, or fax communications suspending your order. Your order is forwarded to the sign-making shop just a few minutes after it is placed. Our round-the-clock sign shop usually completes the sign and ships it out in 2 to 3 days. assigns your own account manager to attend to daily operations and special needs on your ordering website. We’ll help you achieve your goal of becoming a top-level brand marketer!

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