Compass Yard Signs

Compass Yard Signs

Yard Signs for Real Estate

  • Yard Signs (Posts Sold Separately)
  • Made of 1/8" High Impact Plastic
  • Also Available in Aluminum, Reflective Aluminum, Durabond, and Reflective Durabond
  • Reinforced with Top Grommets/Eyelets for Added Strength 18" from Center
  • Two Bottom Holes 18" from Center (Reinforcing Eyelets Also Available)
  • Includes Our Super Durable Ultra Shield Clear Coating at No Extra Charge!

Pricing for 24" x 24" High Impact Plastic Yard Signs:

                            3 @ $42.95 each
                            6 @ $31.85 each
                          12 @ $22.95 each

Click the Price List button for material options and pricing.  

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Compass Yard Signs

Comp-Gene-Yard 24x24

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x24 A

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x24 B

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x24 C

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x24 D

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x24 E

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x24 F

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x24 G

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x24 H

Comp-Blk-Lease-Yard 24x24

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x30 A

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x30 B

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x30 C

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x30 D

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x30 E

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x30 F

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x36 A

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x36 B

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x36 C

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x36 D

Comp-Blk-Yard 24x36 E

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x36 F

Comp-Wht-Yard 24x36 G

Comp-List-Condo 18x18

Comp-Gene-Condo 18x18

Comp-List-Condo 12x12

Comp-Gene-Condo 12x12