Compass Open House White Metal A-Frame

Compass Open House White Metal A-Frame

White Metal A-Frame

  • Made of powder-coated metal frame.
  • Sign swing inside the legs
  • Signs include our new Ultra Shield Clear-Coating at no extra charge!

Unit pricing for quantities of:  

          3 @ $50.25 each
          6 @ $43.40 each
        12 @ $40.60 each

Click the Price List button for material options and pricing.

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Compass Open House White Metal A-Frame

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) A

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) B

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) C

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) D

Comp-Wht-O.H. (Wht Met) E

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) F

Comp-Wht-O.H. (Wht Met) G

Comp-Blk-O.H. (Wht Met) H

Comp-Wht-O.H. (Wht Met) I

Comp-Blk-O.H.-Paper (Wht Met) J

Comp-Blk-O.H.-Sleeve (Wht Met) J

Comp-Blk-O.H.-Paper (Wht Met) K

Comp-Blk-O.H.-Sleeve (Wht Met) K

Comp-Gene-O.H. (Wht Met) A

Comp-Gene-O.H. (Wht Met) B

Comp-Gene-O.H. (Wht Met) C

Comp-Gene-O.H.-Paper (Wht Met) D

Comp-Gene-O.H.-Sleeve (WhtMet) D