COVID-19 Safety Riders

COVID-19 Safety Riders

COVID-19 Safety Riders

Health and safety is a priority at Excel Sign & Decal, Inc.

Take initiative against the spread of COVID-19 with informative guidelines for employees and customers alike. Place rider signs at your workplace to practice and promote safe business standards. Use riders to inform visitors and staff about COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 prevention to keep your community safe!

Expand upon your COVID-19 Safety A-Frame Sign by clamping a Rider to the top!

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COVID-19 Safety Riders

COVID-19 Protocols Rider 12x24

COVID-19 Mask Rider A 8x24

COVID-19 Mask Rider B 8x24

COVID-19 Mask Rider C 8x24

COVID-19 Open Rider 8x24

COVID-19 Open Max Cap Rider 8x24

COVID-19 Takeout Call 8x24

COVID-19 Occupancy Limit 8x24