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Display Accessories

Options / Accessories

There are an assortment of options and accessories available for the displays to include storage and travel cases, lighting and additional fixtures to add function to your display presentation.

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  SKU Product Our price
Minilight Mini Spotlight $78.00
Aspen Ceil Hook Aspen Fabric Frame Ceiling Hook $2.50
Tahoe Display Light Tahoe Display Light $58.00
FabFrame Curved Feet Aspen Fabric Frame Curved Foot $30.00
FabLeg Aspen Fabric Frame Side Leg $30.00
AspenLight Small Aspen Light Small $51.50
Fabframe Wall Mount Aspen Fabric Frame Wall Mount $2.50
Acrylic Table Tahoe Acrylic Table $258.00
Wooden Desk Tahoe Wooden Reception Desk $398.00