MDO Plywood Signs

MDO Plywood Signs

Our commercial signs are printed on MDO plywood that come in 1/2" or 3/4" thickness. Fortified with resin-infused fibers, MDO plywood resists water, extreme weather, and degradation. This long-lasting material boasts a smooth and sturdy surface that was both primed and painted.
Our standard commerical sign sizes range from 3x3 feet to 4x8 feet, but we are eager to service those looking for even smaller sizes. Whether or not you have a pre-existing image for us to use, contact us at 800-747-0445 or and we'll put together a corporate look just for you!

To order custom signs, simply give us a call at 800-747-0445. We'll email you an order form that you can fill out and send to alongside the desired image.

MDO Plywood Sign Prices
  2-3 Colors Picture
3'x3' $185.00 $240.00
4'x3' $210.00 $265.00
5'x3' $240.00 $315.00
4'x4' $265.00 $345.00
5'x4' $290.00 $370.00
6'x4' $315.00 $420.00
7'x4' $345.00 $450.00
8'x4' $370.00 $475.00

In addition, we also offer a grafitti-resistant coating to further reinforce your commerical sign. Call us at 800-747-0445 for more details on pricing.

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